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 Heritage Victoria

  Heritage Victoria, in conjunction with the Maritime Heritage Advisory Committee to Heritage Council of Victoria, is pleased to announce the publication of the Public Access to Historic Shipwrecks: Guidelines 2010.

The publication clarifies the decision making process regarding public access to historic shipwrecks and the restriction of access to some sites in Victoria. The rationale behind decision making and Heritage Victoria's use of the historic shipwreck legislation is explained in relation to current restrictions on public access to Victoria's most significant and fragile historic shipwreck sites.

The guidelines are now available to download from the Heritage Victoria website:
Hard copies of the guidelines will be available from Heritage Victoria in the coming months.

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines feel free to contact:

Hanna Steyne | Maritime Archaeologist

Maritime Heritage Unit | Heritage Victoria
Department of Planning and Community Development
Level 4 | 55 Collins St | Melbourne | Victoria | 3000 All correspondence to: GPO Box 2392, MELBOURNE 3001

p: (+61) 03 8644 8949 | f: (+61) 03 8644 8951 | e: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Victorian Diving Industry Code of Practice

This document has been revised by DIVA and has been available in final draft form for public comment.  The document has been sent to all relevant diving industry parties as well as Parks Victoria, Marine Safety and Water Police etc.  The comments DIVA has received have been helpful and constructive and DIVA thanks all those who put in the effort to read the document and send in their comments. The document is now finalised.



 DIVA Rules

DIVA is currently working on a revised and up to date Rules. 


Marine Safety

DIVA has a active role on the Small Vessel Advisory Committee.


Dive Industry Liaison Group

In early 2007, PoMC established a Dive Industry Liaison Group (DILG) to ensure continued consultation and communications with the dive industry within Port Phillip Bay. Representatives from Dive Industry Victoria Association (DIVA), representing commercial diving interests, and the Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria (SDFV), representing recreational diving interests, meet on a regular basis with PoMC to discuss the Channel Deepening Project and diving in Port Phillip Bay. http://www.channelproject.com/community/dive_industry_liaison_group.asp


Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening Project

The Minister for Planning, Robert Hulls, announced that the Port of Melbourne Corporation would be required to carry out a Supplementary Environment Effects Statement (SEES) for their proposed Channel Deepening Project.  Please see: www.portofmelbourne.com  for the planning panel's report & recommendations, the minister's media release and other important information. 

  Despite the fact that DIVA has always maintained its strident opposition to the Channel Deepening Project we have maintained contact with the Port of Melbourne Corporation through our participation on the Port of Melbourne Corporation Channel Deepening - Dive Industry Liaison Group. This group was formed during the initial planning stages of the Channel Deepening project and through active representation at all meetings DIVA has been able to directly monitor the channel deepening schedule, environmental monitoring and operational restrictions that have affected scuba diver access to various dive sites during the dredging operations. Also our participation has given industry a direct conduit to voice operational concerns and incidents directly with the Port of Melbourne Corporation.


The good news is that the project is in its final stages in respect of operations in the southern portion of the bay and we expect that all works will be completed by the end of August in time for the upcoming dive season and the scuttling of the HMAS Canberra.


In order to continue to monitor the continued effects of the project on our dive sites and the general marine environment we ask that our members remain vigilant and advise our Secretary of any ongoing observations, incidents and issues. For up to date information on the project go to: www.channelproject.com



Victorian Dive Sites

 Victorian waters contain some of the most diverse marine life in the world.  Victoria has world class wreck and reef diving, much of which is protected by Marine Parks and the Historical Shipwreck Act.